Dispatches from quarantine – the encore!

I was enjoying being in isolation so much that I asked if it could be extended. Or, that’s my excuse for how I had to go get yet another test and am still in mandatory isolation.

Choose your own reason for this:

  • Government conspiracy involving mafia, bikies, and pretend falls down stairs.
  • They lost my test.
  • I had a few mild symptoms that are probably hay-fever.
  • I needed an excuse to get out of a wedding.
  • It’s related to all those websites going down yesterday.

Today was interesting. The army and Department of Health turned up again, this time while I was in an important meeting with someone. It’s hard to maintain that veneer of professionalism when you forget to turn off your audio and then have a loud conversation about your isolation requirements.

The internet went out when the storm hit my suburb. I was lucky: my power was still on. I don’t think it would have been pleasant to have no heating this afternoon. I made the most of it and had some screen-free couch time. Thank you, past me, for buying all those word and number puzzles at the newsagent a while back.

One of my lovely work buddies bought me some groceries to tide me over, and people have continued to check in, so this extension hasn’t been so bad. I hope it doesn’t go on indefinitely, of course. I’m assuming at some point it will be so long since my exposure that I will be free regardless of anything else.

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