To my colleagues

I miss seeing you in the office.

It’s not the same working remotely. There’s none of those spontaneous chats in the tea room or bathroom. No opportunities to go for a walk and talk about anything and everything.

Part of the reason I’ve stayed at my place of work for so long is the culture, and the fact that everyone is genuinely a great person. I have never dreaded going into work or felt a sinking feeling when someone’s walked through the door. I realise that’s unusual in any work situation.

I love that we can make a change to only show preferred names in our library system and everyone is happy about it. I love that everyone just wants to make it better for our users- not in the corporate “user experience” buzzword sense, but in an actual, “how can we help them” way of thinking. The whole library is passionate about open access, justice, and working together. Random acts of kindness happen on a regular basis.

The staff who work with undergraduates have been able to help students succeed in such a very difficult time. Likewise, our research staff have been key in helping researchers adjust and meet their goals. The collections staff have done brilliant work in making as many resources online as possible- and allowing users who need print materials to still access them.

I hope every single person in my library workplace knows how important, talented, and valued they are. If I was in charge, you’d all have a promotion and a permanent contract until retirement.

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