What can I say?

This has been a very difficult week. Job losses at my place of work, aggressive protests in the city streets, covid cases rising sharply, a very long lockdown, and then, to top it all off, an earthquake.

I am incredibly privileged and for me to spout about hope would be offensive. I’ve been placed in my workplace’s new structure, I can work from home, I’ve been able to be vaccinated, and I have the support of family and friends. Many people aren’t as fortunate as me.

So instead, let me simply say this: It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be struggling with all that is going on. It’s okay to feel all the emotions- shock, anger, grief, sadness. Crying is okay. Likewise, it’s also okay to have positive emotions. If you’re able to spend just a little bit of time in a better headspace.

Self-care gets a bad rap, and for good reasons, but I think bringing it back to the core message is important: do what you need to get through. Does a walk every day help you? Good, do that. Does mindless distraction help? Go online and watch something silly on YouTube. Remember the basics though: regular eating, getting enough sleep, setting boundaries, rest. Be gentle on yourself. No one is performing at their peak at the moment.

Today is the Grand Final. I’m hoping it can bring a little bit of comfort and joy to people.

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