What can I say?

This has been a very difficult week. Job losses at my place of work, aggressive protests in the city streets, covid cases rising sharply, a very long lockdown, and then, to top it all off, an earthquake. I am incredibly privileged and for me to spout about hope would be offensive. I’ve been placed inContinue reading “What can I say?”

To my colleagues

I miss seeing you in the office. It’s not the same working remotely. There’s none of those spontaneous chats in the tea room or bathroom. No opportunities to go for a walk and talk about anything and everything. Part of the reason I’ve stayed at my place of work for so long is the culture,Continue reading “To my colleagues”

Art as mindfulness

I visited Heide Museum today with a friend. After checking in with my QR code, I turned my phone to silent and shoved it deep in my handbag. I wanted to experience the art fully without the distraction of taking photos. (As it turned out, they were strict on a no photos policy). Instead ofContinue reading “Art as mindfulness”


I’m sorry, Sydney people. I’m sorry that you’re dealing with all the stress and uncertainty that comes from a lockdown. I’m sorry that it got that way. Whatever you feel is justified. It’s also okay to be sad. To be scared. To not know what’s going to happen. It’s okay to be angry. Yell. Rant.Continue reading “Sydney”


I have a lot of drafted posts that remain unpublished. I write a lot but I’m not posting that Publish button very often. This conflicts with my need to be prolific. Last June I managed to write a post every day but this time it’s been every two days. Some of these drafts need aContinue reading “Drafts”


I fell in love with origami during the big long lockdown last winter. I started making birds and then they took over my wall. I love how relaxing it is to fold paper until it transforms into something recognisable. I’m prolific, but not big on variety- I’ve only recently taught myself a third type ofContinue reading “Creativity”


I’m upset that the ATAGI has changed their advice regarding covid vaccines, so now those in the 50 – 60 range are being discouraged from getting the AstraZenixa vaccine. Out of the 3.6 million doses administered in Australia, two people have died. While any death is obviously heartbreaking, the flow-on effects of this decision willContinue reading “Vaccines”


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